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This track contains the following life-transforming positive statements:

“My dream memory is perfect. I deeply appreciate this ability.”

“I successfully use my dreams to manifest my desires.”

“I feel grateful for my ability to directly control my consciousness when dreaming.”

“My dreams give me inspiration and guidance.”

“I welcome lucidity when dreaming.”

“The true meaning of my dreams is always clear to me.”

“I always realize when I am dreaming.”

“My sleep is filled with positive guidance and answers to my questions.”

“Recognizing when I am dreaming is effortless.”

“I always stay calm when I become lucid during the dreamstate.”

“I am deeply thankful for my conscious dream control.”

“My dream awareness grows stronger every night.”

“I always remember my dreams during the daytime.”

“My conscious awareness grows with every deep, mindful breath that I take.”

“My conscious mind is always aware when I am dreaming.”

“My dreams always have deep spiritual meaning and purpose.”

“I am excellent at interpreting the meaning of my dreams.”

“I always understand my dreams and benefit from their guidance.”

“Lucid dreaming is natural for me. For that, I am grateful.”

“I always pay close attention to my dreams.”

“My dreams bring limitless benefits to my waking life.”

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