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This track contains the following life-transforming positive statements:

“I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

“I am at one with creation.”

“I am open to the wisdom of the Universe as it guides me in everything I do.”

“Everything that happens in my life is for my highest good.”

“I am a universal co-creator.”

“My consciousness is eternal.”

“The cosmos are within me. I am made of star-stuff. The universe knows itself on a deeper level through me.”

“I come from divine source energy and carry that goodness within me.”

“Pure light flows through me and radiates out to help all beings.”

“I am an intelligent and highly conscious spiritual being, perfect in every way.”

“I am a source of hope to everyone I meet. I am grateful for that.”

“I am grateful to have my mind and body in perfect universal alignment.”

“I am always in the flow.”

“My highest self is always present.”

“My thoughts and actions are a direct reflection of my higher self.”

“Every deep, mindful breath that I take strengthens my connection to source.”

“Its easy to elevate my waking consciousness beyond the physical world.”

“I am a divine expression of the infinite.”

“I am living my life in perfect harmony with source energy, allowing divine intentions to work through me, manifesting into the material world.”

“I am thankful to be at one with my true life purpose.”

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