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This track contains the following life-transforming positive statements:

“My mind is focused, aware, and present all the time.”

“My productivity is high, my mental focus is incredible.”

“I work smart and hard, leading to success in all areas of my life”

“I am thankful to be energized and passionate about my work.”

“I am a master at bridging the gap between thought, action, and results.”

“I love contributing something unique and beneficial to society.”

“Being invulnerable to distraction, working productively is normal for me.”

“I am fascinated and passionately involved in everything that I do..”

“I am grateful for my deeply satisfying work.”

“I can effortlessly focus my mind in whatever way I wish.”

“I always finish what I start.”

“Everything I touch becomes successful.”

“I love the process of creating.”

“From thought, to plan, to action. I am a master of productivity.”

“My deep, mindful breathing strengthens my success mindset.”

“I deeply appreciate my ability to learn new things quickly and easily.”

“I always come up with brilliant ideas, and work smart and hard to make them happen.”

“I am a highly driven person.”

“Everything I do is better than the day before.”

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