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This track contains the following life-transforming positive statements:

“My powerfully calm, yet focused mind is the key to winning.”

“I am a great athlete. For this, I am grateful.”

“My training is perfect.”

“I perform to the best of my abilities every day.”

“I am always motivated to practice.”

“I am a natural winner.”

“I am thankful for my high discipline and intense mental focus.”

“I love practicing.”

“Great mental strength lies within my deep, mindful breathing.”

“My focus increases every day.”

“I am grateful for my positive attitude.”

“My powerfully calm, yet focused mental state is my greatest competitive advantage.”

“My strategy is brilliant.”

“I feel better than ever.”

“My immense athletic potential gets further realized with each passing moment.”

“My performance will exceed everyone’s expectations.”

“My competitive drive is unmatched.”

“My speed, strength, and endurance improve every day.”

“Winning comes naturally and easily.”

“I am a master at visualizing a perfect performance, then making it reality.”

“I deeply appreciate my powerful visualization skills.”

“Like clock-work, my training is consistent.”

“I am grateful to have great athletic potential.”

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