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This track contains the following life-transforming positive statements:

“My lungs are clean and healthy.”

“I love breathing fresh, nourishing air.”

“I care for and respect my body.”

“All of my thoughts are focused on what serves my highest mental, physical, and spiritual good.”

“My will power is limitless. For that, I am thankful.”

“My cravings weaken with every deep, mindful breath that I take.”

“People admire and support my decision to live a smoke-free life.”

“I am grateful for my always increasing health.”

“My health is getting better every day.”

“Being addiction-free, my positive self image is magnified 100 times.”

“I love engaging in beneficial habits that support my well-being.”

“Being free of the smoking habit makes me feel incredible.”

“Being nicotine free has renewed my life.”

“With every breath my lungs renew themselves.”

“Now that I am smoke-free, my lungs work increasingly better with each clean, nourishing breath.”

“All aging in my body is now being rapidly repaired.”

“Now that I am smoke-free, my teeth are whiter and my gums are healthier.”

“Food tastes so much better now that I am smoke-free.”

“I am now and forever addiction-free.”

“I am an infinitely powerful being, capable of doing anything.”

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